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Medicine and Race: AMS Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography was created to serve as a resource for medical students, residents, and faculty interested in learning more about how race is used in medicine and how racism results in disparate health outcomes for racial and ethnic minorities. This initiative is part of the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) for the Warren Alpert Medical School (AMS). As a starting place to using this bibliography, we have provided three articles included below which provide general overviews of the types of materials and topics included.

(Metzl and Roberts 2014) Structural Competency Meets Structural Racism: Race, Politics, and the Structure of Medical Knowledge

(Duster 2005) Race and Reification in Science

(Kaplan and Bennet 2005) Use of Race and Ethnicity in Biomedical Publications

Additionally, we have tried to provide additional guidance for selecting articles based on the level of knowledge about race and racism that may be required. These three levels are:

Introductory- this resource provides a general overview of a topic and is a good starting place for people unfamiliar with concepts of race and racism.

Intermediate - readers would benefit from a basic knowledge and understanding of how race and structural racism are defined and/or a intermediate knowledge of the topic being addressed in the paper; consider reading some introductory articles first.

Advanced - this resource requires an advanced understanding of how race and racism operate in medicine and/or an advanced understanding of the topic addressing in the paper; consider reading some intermediate articles first.

This annotated bibliography is compiled by the Diversity Fellows with the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, in conjunction with the Committee on Diversity and Inclusive Teaching, the Office of Medical Education, and the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at AMS and released under CCBYNC License. If using this resource, then please cite this digital object identifier (doi) for the bibliography: 10.7301/Z0PV6HVK. If citing a work included in the bibliography, then please cite the doi assigned to the article.

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Items (1-20) out of 29 results