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thumbnail IN FLUX: Glass, Technology, and the Glassmaking Industry of the Middle Byzantine and Early Islamic (8th-12th centuries CE) Eastern Mediterranean - the Archaeology and Archaeometry of a High Temperature Craft

Creator: Swan, Carolyn

My research seeks to clarify the nature of the glassmaking industry in the Eastern Mediterranean region during the 8th-12th centuries CE. Studying glass assemblages from ...
Tags: glass, glassmaking, technology, industry, archaeology, archaeometry, archaeological science, material culture, post-Roman, Middle Byzantine, Early Islamic, Eastern Mediterranean
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Fri 24 Apr 2015
thumbnail Large Polities and Small Quarries: Local Resources and Imperial Governance in Roman Asia Minor

Creator: Sekedat, Bradley Michael

This dissertation applies notions of governmentality to resource landscapes in the Roman province of Asia Minor. My argument is that Roman techniques of governmentality, in ...
Tags: Rome, Marble, Quarries, Governance, Survey Archaeology
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Fri 24 Apr 2015
thumbnail Living Fluidly: Uses and Meanings of Water in Asia Minor (Second Century BCE - Second Century CE)

Creator: Weiss, Cecelia Feldman

Roman water management technologies were readily adopted in the Roman provinces, and the profligate use of water in urban space is often cited as a ...
Tags: Roman imperialism, water management technology, ancient economy, religion, Asia Minor
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Fri 17 Apr 2015
thumbnail Setting the Womb in Its Place: Toward A Contextual Archaeology of Graeco-Egyptian Uterine Amulets

Creator: Marino, Katherine Rose

This dissertation concerns itself with Graeco-Egyptian uterine amulets, a type of medico-magical tool used to combat bodily suffering in the Eastern Roman Empire from the ...
Tags: Uterine Amulets. Graeco-Egyptian Amulets, Ancient Magic, Ancient Medicne, Women's Health
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Fri 17 Apr 2015
thumbnail Small-World Networks and Mediterranean Dynamics in the Euboean Gulf: An Archaeology of Complexity in Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Greece

Creator: Knodell, Alex R.

This dissertation employs aspects of network theory to study social complexity in the Euboean Gulf from the Mycenaean Palatial period through the Protohistoric Iron Age ...
Tags: Euboean Gulf, Aegean, Mediterranean, archaeology, networks, interaction, complexity, Late Bronze Age, Early Iron Age
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Fri 24 Apr 2015
thumbnail Social Memory in Fifth Century Rome

Creator: Dawson, Sarah

Propaganda was alive and well in Late Antique Rome. In a city struggling to maintain its significance, the use of small portable objects - coins, contorniates ...
Tags: social memory, propaganda, Rome, coins, diptychs, contorniates, Roman calendar
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Fri 17 Apr 2015
thumbnail The Nabataean Coroplastic Arts: A Synthetic Approach for Studying Terracotta Figurines, Plaques, Vessels, and other Clay Objects

Creator: Tuttle, Christopher A.

Coroplastic artifacts have been recovered throughout the region of the Nabataean kingdom since scientific investigation of the archaeological sites began in the late 19th century ...
Tags: Nabataean, coroplastic, terracottas, figurines, plaques, vessels
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Fri 21 Nov 2014
thumbnail The Roman Military Community as Expressed in Its Burial Customs during the First to Third Centuries CE

Creator: Anderson, Lisa Marie

This dissertation reassesses the Roman military community and the burials that have been or could be classified as belonging to members of the military. Hundreds ...
Tags: Roman, military, community, burial, graves, cemeteries
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Fri 17 Apr 2015