The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Scholarly Concentrations Program Gallery of Scholarly Work

The Scholarly Concentrations Program is an elective program through which Alpert Medical School students may elect to pursue a course of study beyond that of the conventional medical education curriculum. Every student who participates in a concentration must submit a scholarly product. These products should represent the culmination of concentration project work undertaken over the past several years. Traditional forms of scholarly work, such as a research publication in a peer-reviewed journal or presentation at a national conference, are appropriate. However, other more non-traditional products are also acceptable. Scholarly products might take the form of:

  • development and evaluation of a new curricular module
  • creation of an academic symposium
  • evaluation of an outreach program
  • documentation of a legislative campaign
  • development of a significant original piece of literature, art or music
  • development of a bioengineering tool or biomedical software product
  • development of new clinical protocols

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Items (1-20) out of 144 results

Items (1-20) out of 144 results