Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Advancing Research Impacts

This collection was created by Brown University's Engaged Scholarship and Broader Impacts Working Group (ESBI) to provide Brown University researchers with an online platform for preserving and publishing their open access STEM-related digital scholarship focused on Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Broader Impacts work. Items include open textbooks, lesson plans and curricula, software, animations and videos, policy documents, vocational training materials, and informal science and citizen science-oriented scholarship, among others. Faculty authors can also disseminate these materials by including the citations of their works in this collection in their publications, presentations, in grant reports and future grant proposals (e.g., NSF Prior Results), on their NCBI myBibliography and Biosketches for NIH, and on their CVs and scholarly profiles.

NSF Broader Impacts Image Credit: Steven Buhneing

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Items (1-20) out of 90 results