Data Science Initiative

Leveraging established academic strength, Brown University's Data Science Initiative is a hub for research and education in foundational methodologies of data science. The Initiative maintains an outward focus on application areas and critical engagement with questions of the impact of the data revolution on society, on culture, and on questions of social justice. This collection houses student and faculty scholarship in the field of data science, including research products from the Initiative’s four core departments: Applied Mathematics, Biostatistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics, as well as data science-related scholarship from its affiliated units.

Subcollections (7)

  • APMA0110: What’s the ... Thumbnail

    This collection highlights student projects created in the course APMA0110:What's the Big Deal about Data Science? The seminar, taught by Dr. Katharine M. Kinnaird, serves as a practical introduction to the interdisciplinary field of data science and exposes ...

  • Biostatistics and Applied ... Thumbnail

    This collection highlights student research from Brown's School of Public Health courses in Biostatistics and Applied Data Analysis. Databases used include:

    • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
    • National Survey of Children's Health
    • National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
    • National ...

  • CS100 Data Fluency ... Thumbnail

    This collection houses student visualizations created in Dr. Amy Greenwald's CS100 course at Brown University. CS100 introduces students to a variety of statistical and computational techniques that data scientists use to tell stories. Students applied statistical, machine learning algorithms ...

  • CS1951a Introduction to ... Thumbnail

    This collection highlights student research conducted in CS1951a Introduction to Data Science, taught by Dr. Tim Kraska. The course provides students with an overview of the wide area of data science, with a particular focus on the tools required to ...

  • Geographic Information Systems ... Thumbnail

    Each year during the GIS Open House Poster Session at Brown University students demonstrate the wide variety of social, political, cultural, historical, and scientific questions that can be addressed using powerful digital mapping and spatial analysis technologies. This collection of ...

  • This course is taught by Dr. Samiah Moustafa and introduces the tools, techniques and fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) using the ArcGIS software package. GIS has broad applications in environmental, natural and social sciences. Examples include disaster management, transportation ...

  • SOC1340 Principles and ... Thumbnail

    This collection contains final projects created in Brown SOC1340 Principles and Methods of Geographic Information Systems taught by Dr. Rachel Franklin. Soc1340 is an introduction to the fundamental principles and methods of geographic information systems (GIS). Topics include (a) handling ...


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