Scholarly Concentrations Program Collection of Abstracts

Each spring the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Scholarly Concentrations Program (SCP) publishes a print volume of abstracts written by medical students in the SCP and their mentors that describes the research projects that they collaborated on over the previous year and reports the outcomes of their research. This collection contains the digital copies of the published print volumes as well as the individual abstracts contained within those volumes. This collection also contains the online version of the Collection of Abstracts, as some abstracts contain digital materials and supplementary files that cannot be included in the print versions of the volume.

Editor-in-Chief: Teresa L. Schraeder, MD

For portfolios and other digital research products produced by medical students in the SCP please visit the SCP Gallery of Scholarly Work. Research posters presented by medical students in the SCP are in the SCP Summer Research Showcase.

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Items (1-20) out of 97 results

Items (1-20) out of 97 results