Talking Nets Archive: An Oral History of Neural Networks

Starting in the early 1990s, Department of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences (CLPS) Professor James A. Anderson (Brown University faculty from 1973-2020) and his colleague, Edward Rosenfeld, began conducting interviews with individual researchers who had contributed to establishing the field of neural networks. In 1998, they wrote a book based on excerpts of these oral histories "Talking Nets: An Oral History of Neural Networks" (MIT Press). The work of these researchers on brains and computers--the neural modeling of cognitive processes--has contributed to developments in the fields of cognitive science, computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. This archive contains Professor Anderson's digital files of correspondence, audio recordings, original transcripts, and photographs. Only the edited transcripts used for the book and approved by the participants for dissemination are made publicly available online. For researchers interested in viewing the other materials in this collection, please contact the CLPS librarian for assistance.