Generalized Behavioral Intervention Analysis System

This archive contains the Generalized Behavioral Intervention Analysis System's (GBIAS) Target Behavior and Topic Coding Manual and Speech Act Coding Manual. The GBIAS was developed as part of the Understanding Change in HIV and Alcohol Treatment (UCHAT) study, Christopher Kahler, Ph.D. (PI), funded by the National Institute on Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse Award ID: U24AA022003. It is an adaptation of the Generalized Medical Interaction Analysis System (GMIAS) from the medical setting to behavioral change counseling based on Motivational Interviewing. Collaborators include Michael Barton Laws, Nadine Mastroleo, Molly Magill, Ira B. Wilson and Research Assistants Justin Walthers, Tiffany Glynn, Lindsay Locke, Saira Quresshi, Amy Caswell, Colleen Peterson, and Vivian Partica. More details on the development of the topic coding system are provided in:

Kahler et al. (2016). Using topic coding to understand the nature of change language in a motivational intervention to reduce alcohol and sex risk behaviors in emergency department patients. Patient Education and Counseling, 99, 1595-1602.

If using this resource please cite the digital object identifier (DOI) for the GBIAS: In compliance with the NIH data sharing policy, the GBIAS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and is available for other researchers and the public to access, reuse, and repurpose.


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Items (1-2) out of 2 results