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According to the southern physician, Thisdisease of the mindthatinduces the negro to run away from service,” could be prevented if slave masters exercised behavioral and environmental control over their slaves through adherence to a specific treatment plan.2 Enslaved people could be cured of this mental illness if they weretreated kindly, well fed and clothed, with fuel enough to keep a small fire burning all night--separated into families, each family having its own house--not permitted to run about at night to visit their neighbors, to receive visits or use intoxicating liquors, and not overworked or exposed too much to the weather, they are very easily governed--more so than any other people in the world.”3 In March of 1863, just twelve years after the New Orleans based journal published Cartwright’s report on Drapetomania, an enslaved man named Gordon escaped from captivity, then travelled approximately eighty miles, until hereached the safety of Union soldiers stationed at Baton Rouge ten days later.”4 While Gordon was serving in the Union army a photo of his exposed back, and the extensive scarring that marred it, was taken two itinerant photographers, William D.

Items (1-20) out of 23 results