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The Brown Daily Herald 33 (1947-10-30)

Table of Contents

  • Untitled:
  • Don Pins – Esther Grins:
  • A blood pressure gauge would undoubtedly show very interesting results on Don Kauth as he presents beauteous Miss Williams with a fraternity pin which designates her "Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma.":
  • B. S. F. Total:
  • Bear Fund Needs Aid: Key Starts Collection Drive Tomorrow Night:
  • Kitchen Will Explain Student Service Fund:
  • W. T. Kitchen who will be chapel speaker today and tomorrow. He will speak on the World Student Service Fund.:
  • Mosely Sees Red Gains: Nationality From Religion and Culture:
  • Theta Delt’s Celebrate Anniversary:
  • Today on Campus:
  • Houses Decorate For Poster Prize: Judges Will View Displays Tonight; Winning House To Receive Cup At Rally:
  • Alden Ends School Trip:
  • Starring In ‘St. Joan':
  • Photo by Gates:
  • S & B Performs Ably Despite Shaw’s Script:
  • c tsdtsihA Jo Jhn fcditoh:
  • Bjwwil Sju&gA,:
  • This IS Gresh:
  • Marty Gresh (46), Brown right halfback, hits the Colgate line for a short gain during Saturday's game at Hamilton. Other identified Brown players (in dark jerseys) are: Norm lacuele (69), Ed Finn (50), Fred Kozak (44), John Scott (56) and Milt Hodash (65). Colgate players are Bob Reich (75) and Paul Redfield (70).:
  • Correction:
  • Swimmers Begin Work; Paulson Leaves Vacancy:
  • UConn Defeats Brown Booters: Single Bruin Score Made By Michael:
  • Bruin Hopes Set Back; Nelson Out:
  • Official Bulletins:


"The Brown Daily Herald 33 (1947-10-30) " (1947). Brown Daily Herald. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.


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  • The Brown Daily Herald 33 (1947-10-30)
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