Spierer - Chapter 1 - Supplemental File 3 - Marginal Pvalues


Supplemental File 3 associated with the manuscript "Natural variation in the regulation of neurodevelopmental genes modifies flight performance in Drosophila" (in prep, May 2020) and the dissertation: "The Genetic Architecture of Flight and Climbing Performance in Drosophila melanogaster". Csv file contains the marginal P-values for each variant analyzed by MAPIT.
This research was supported by the National Institutes of Health grant under award GM067862

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Spierer, Adam, and Rand, David, "Spierer - Chapter 1 - Supplemental File 3 - Marginal Pvalues" (2020). Brown University Open Data Collection. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library. https://doi.org/10.26300/xcrh-c744



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