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TEI Components for SEASR


This is the final product of a NEH Digital Humanities Start Up Grant awarded to Brown University Library in 2010. The zip file contains the source code for 34 components for SEASR designed to work with TEI. The grant abstract reads: "Semantically Rich Tools for Text Exploration ? Abstract Literary scholarship is poised to benefit immensely from the emerging modular software frameworks that support deep and finely grained investigations of digital texts. Humanities research centers, such as the Brown University Women Writers Project, have invested substantially in enriching bodies of literary texts with semantic and structural information, using XML formats such as the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Recent innovations in scholarly software design offer opportunities to exploit the semantic depth of TEI collections by creating new tools for textual analysis and collaboration. To this end, the Brown University Scholarly Technology Group (STG) and the Brown University Women Writers Project (WWP) propose a new effort to create a prototype suite of software tools to explore TEI encoded texts in the new Software Environment for the Advancement of Scholarly Research (SEASR). SEASR provides an environment for creating analytical software tools that are tailored to scholars? research goals. Textual analyses and visualizations created in SEASR can be shared on the web and adapted by other scholars to support their own research. The primary outcome from this project will be a suite of open-source software tools that enable nuanced explorations of bodies of literary texts. These tools will create a bridge between TEI collections and the SEASR environment, and will be designed in consultation with other TEI textbase developers. At completion, the project will also produce example analyses using the WWP texts, and will contribute the results of the grant to the growing community of institutions using SEASR."


"TEI Components for SEASR" (2010). Center for Digital Scholarship. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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