The last harvest, or British threshers makeing French crops


In the center of the image, an English soldier grips the long pigtail of a fleeing French soldier in his left hand. In preparation for cropping the hairdo, his raised right hand holds a sword. Immediately behind this figure group, a cannon fires into a pack of French soldiers, who escape off the edge of a cliff into the ocean (l.). At this point some French soldiers have lost their hair, others their heads. British soldiers rush into the frame from the right. Like their comrade in the foreground of the image, their swords are raised high overhead. Collectively they form a machine for cutting the pigtails, or the heads, of their enemies. A paper lies at the feet of the French soldier in the foreground. The charge it gives, "A Gen. Junot, Foutez les ques Anglais. Napoleon," reveals that the English have turned the French orders around and it is they who now cut the tails of the French.
Inscription: Pubd. Septr. [rubbed out] by Walker [rubbed out]/ where may be had all the new caricatures.

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Williams, Charles (Ansell), "The last harvest, or British threshers makeing French crops" (1808). Prints, Drawings and Watercolors from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Napoleonic Satires. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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