Ein grosser general und ein kleiner kaiser


Broadley: '...we see the burly Blücher holding a Lilliputian Napoleon contemptuously on his thumb and flicking him derisively on the nose.'
April 1814 From set Napoleonic Caricatures Published in Germany.
Verse: Ein Männlein kam aus Corsica Und meinte, gross zu werden Und zu verschtucken, fern und nah, Die Völker all auf Erden Allein es ward sein Spiritus Durch eines Manne Erbsenschuss Gar jämmerlich getroffen. Da kam das Mannlein wiederum Aus Elba hergebahren, Und lockte in sein Kaiserthum Von neuen unsrer Schaaren. Da sah ihn gar der grosse Mann Für einen Daumenreiter an Und gab ihm --- Nasenstüber! [A midget came from Corsica Ambition's path to follow, And, storming up and down the earth, Its people tried to swallow. Athwart his way a Man was found Who dashed him badly to the ground And merely by pea-shooting. Behold, once more the manikin From Elba gaily courses, And throws his vast Imperial net O'er all our allied forces! The Man has caught him as he goes And flicks the Tom-Thumb on the nose And once more sends him scooting!]

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"Ein grosser general und ein kleiner kaiser" (1814). Prints, Drawings and Watercolors from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Napoleonic Satires. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library. https://repository.library.brown.edu/studio/item/bdr:232111/



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