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Tiddy-doll, the great French-ginger-bread-baker, drawing out a new batch of kings


This satire is one of Gillray's best known caricatures of Napoleon. In it, Napoleon, resplendent in his plumed cocked hat and gold braided military uniform, stands in front of a large domed baker's oven labeled "New - French Oven, for Imperial Gingerbread." He wears an apron tucked over his military uniform and uses a baker's paddle to remove his latest batch of freshly baked kings that include Bavaria, Wirtemburg and Baden. Cannonballs to be used for fuel are piled at the base of the oven behind Napoleon's feet. A heap of broken gingerbread figures lies on the bakery floor to be swept into the Ash-hole for broken Gingerbread. Among this jumble about to be discarded into the "ash-hole" (I believe the pun is indeed intended by the satirist!), are emblems of Spain, Italy, Austria, Venice, Holland and La Republique François. Gingerbread that has been deemed sellable has been placed in a wicker basket labeled "True Corsican Kinglings--or Home Consumption & Exportation," and in a sack embellished with street-seller's bells, and labeled "Hot Spiced Gingerbread! All hot, come who dips in my lucky Bag." On the right side of the oven, a chest contains gingerbread that is ready to be baked. Figures of notable Whigs like Charles James Fox and Richard Sheridan stand on the top of the chest. The drawers are labeled with their contents of: Kings & Queens, Crowns & Sceptres, Suns & Moons. Talleyrand stands over a large Political Kneading Trough at the back of the room. Although he has his back to the viewer, he is easily identified by his lame foot, and by the catholic paraphernalia attached to his robes. Busy at work, Talleyrand's trough is heaped with dough that is inscribed Hungary, Poland, Turkey, and Hanover. A large black eagle is perched on the far right of the trough and plucks at the lump of dough labeled Hanover.
Inscription: Published Jany. 28th 1806, by H. Humphrey 27 St. James's Street, Lon[don].
Printed Signature: Js. Gillray invt. & fec.
Annotation: 327
Label(s): his Man, Hopping Talley, mixing up the Dough

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"Tiddy-doll, the great French-ginger-bread-baker, drawing out a new batch of kings" (1806). Prints, Drawings and Watercolors from the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, Napoleonic Satires. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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