Interview with Tall Oak Weeden


Oral history interview with Tall Oak Weeden about the Mashapaug Pond community, Providence, R.I. Tall Oak Weeden is a Native American, member of the Narragansett tribe, born in Providence in 1936. He relates his family background, and discusses the early history of Narragansetts, Mohicans, Pequots and others living around Mashapaug Pond. He describes to the treatment of both Native and African Americans during past eras as a kind of slavery. He discusses his spiritual beliefs, and his hopes for a renovation of the earth based on a re-assertion of Native American values, a closer kinship with Creation.
This oral history was conducted by a Brown University student in Anne Valk and Holly Ewald's fall 2011 course "Oral History and Community Memory".


"Interview with Tall Oak Weeden" (2011). Mashapaug Pond. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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