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Enlarged to Show Detail (720 Dots)


Enlarged to Show Detail is a painterly work of digital art created for the Cave Writing workshop at Brown University, an immersive, interactive 3D-stereo audiovisual environment. The colored dots in this piece were punched from Orbit Gum packages in ten different flavors with associated color palettes. The world of the piece begins from the simple, ensuing formal element: the dot. The dots are reproduced and translated as lines, planes, and surfaces in the volume of the Cave. Their arrangement and permutation plays on notions of randomness and intentionality, order and chaos. The dots are associated with a text printed on the gum packets: "Orbit ADA 14 PIECES JUST BRUSHED CLEAN FEELING" and this text generates the accompanying music box melody. The world successively recreates itself, expands, contracts, moves away from the audience or towards them. The world surrounds them. The dots twist along their axes and explode in the virtual space of the Cave. The experience culminates with the dots converging into one point and then fading into the darkness. The music box is silent again.
CAVE Writing


Choueiter, Mary, "Enlarged to Show Detail (720 Dots)" (2009). Digital Arts Showcase. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.


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