Fetishism as Structure, Image and Performance in the Theater of Nelson Rodrigues

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Fetishism as Structure, Image and Performance in the Theater of Nelson Rodrigues
Grevan de Carvalho, Isadora (creator)
Vieira, Nelson (Director)
valente, Luiz (Reader)
Sobral, Patricia (Reader)
Brown University. Portuguese and Brazilian Studies (sponsor)
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This dissertation is a study of structures, images and performance of fetishism as cultural and literary strategies in the theater of Nelson Rodrigues. It explores aspects of Brazilian society encompassing the fetishism of objects, body parts, human beings, and belief systems. It starts by investigating the characters obsessive behaviors as a way to examine how these obsessive mechanisms challenge the myth of racial democracy, traditional gender roles and the patriarchal family structure. The first chapter analyzes The Seven Kittens and Black Angel in light of cultural strategies of fetishism as they relate to the familial, gender, and racial dynamics in society delineating the different gradations of domination and exclusion. The second chapter centers on the ways fetishism is manifested as condensed forms of gender dynamics, mostly revealed on stage in images. Although fetishism is not typically associated with women’s behavior in traditional Psychoanalytical interpretations, the plays The Deceased Woman and Dorotéia provide an abundance of women fetishists. The third chapter details how Golden Mouth, The Asphalt Kiss, All Nudity Shall be Punished and Cute, but a Tramp present performance itself as a type of fetish. It focuses on the characters’ consciousness of performance (described as masks or masquerades), the overwhelming presence of the media or storytelling as a way to manipulate reality, and, above all, the idea of performance as a type of double-consciousness. Fetishism is multifaceted and often used as a perversive response to traumatic experiences, as a cultural strategy or as a repetition of cultural performativity. By highlighting the performative aspects of fetishism, Nelson Rodrigues is able to bring to light the effects of the repressive discourses regarding identity in Brazilian society as well as provide evidence of creative strategies capable of reversing and/or distorting the expected aftermath. <br/>
Brazilian Theater
Human body
Brazilian literature
Thesis (Ph.D. -- Brown University (2013)
vii, 236 p.


Grevan de Carvalho, Isadora, "Fetishism as Structure, Image and Performance in the Theater of Nelson Rodrigues" (2013). Portuguese and Brazilian Studies Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library. https://doi.org/10.7301/Z0X63K88