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    <mods:title>Cyrillic Font Project - STG Archive</mods:title>
  <mods:subject authority="local">
    <mods:topic>STG project</mods:topic>
  <mods:subject authority="local">
    <mods:topic>font conversion</mods:topic>
  <mods:name type="personal">
      <mods:roleTerm type="text">creator</mods:roleTerm>
    <mods:namePart>Perkins, Eric</mods:namePart>
  <mods:abstract>STG worked with the Department of Slavic Languages to convert all course materials written using MS Word, and a variety of different Cyrillic comuter fonts with different character mappings, to a single character set mapping. The department had been using Macintosh computers since 1984, but had not standardized on any one Mac font for Cyrillic characters. STG developed a simple font converter to map from the original character sets to a single standard character set, and convert the Cyrillic parts of an MS Word document. It also handled the conversion of the Word binary to RTF invisibly.</mods:abstract>
    <mods:dateIssued qualifier="approximate">1994</mods:dateIssued>