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Spira Engineering Camp: infusing engineering into the lives of Providence youth


Spira Engineering Camp is a four-week summer camp for rising high school sophomore girls from Rhode Island. Spira aims to provide an in-depth introduction to engineering to its participants so that they leave the camp inspired to learn more about math and science. Spira explores engineering through hands-on projects, field trips, interactive lessons, group discussions, and visits from guest speakers. Spira also aims to improve its participants’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, Spira seeks to provide a strong support network to its students through the Spira Reps Program, a mentoring program consisting of previous camp participants who provide both academic and personal advice to current Spira students. Three female engineering undergraduate students work as coordinators for the camp. This summer, Spira added new units to its curriculum that covered materials engineering and industrial design. Spira also expanded its chemical, aerospace, biomedical, and environmental engineering units. Spira recently completed its fourth year of existence and the program strives to maintain its growth and development. Ultimately, Spira aspires to connect its students to a variety of engineering resources in order to help decrease the gender gap in engineering.


Garcia, Briana, "Spira Engineering Camp: infusing engineering into the lives of Providence youth" (2014). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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