The Live and the Life-Like: Theatre, Performance, Animation

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The Live and the Life-Like: Theatre, Performance, Animation
Vermy, Hans R (creator)
Golub, Spencer (Director)
Schneider, Rebecca (Reader)
Winkler, Todd (Reader)
Koch, Gertrud (Reader)
Brown University. Theatre Arts and Performance Studies (sponsor)
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The Live and the Life-Like: Theater, Performance, Animation explores intersections of stage and screen as it seeks to reveal the laboring, performing body across aesthetic media and practice. With the coming of the digital revolution, screens have become a contested site of sensory experience, exponentially blurring the gap between embodiment and the screen, the live and the life-like, theater and animation. I argue that inserting a theater history alongside media studies will help to expose entanglements and connections between the laboring and virtual body, while offering potential new sites from which to articulate or dismantle the distinctions between theater and media. By inserting and insisting upon a rigorous theatre history and performance studies lens within the critical methodology of media archeology, my project questions the material distinctions between media and theater and seeks out alternate histories and forgotten disciplinary delineations within abandoned, cartoon-ish, and ephemeral technologies. I trace contemporary, video-based performance artists, and theatrical plays as they incorporate and question shifts in media and embodiment, examining embodied stagings of the art and labor of animation as well as cinematic animations that seek to highlight their theatrical and performance work. Why focus on animation and not the screen, code, or interface of the digital age? I argue that, as the cartoon, animation has long been situated as a theatrical counterpart to photographically based cinema. Individual chapters break down the matters of media, theatre, and performance to questions of technology, examining how themes of movement, light, animality, and world making intersect with performing bodies across stage and screen alike. Thus my project combines theatre and media studies to expose laboring bodies in animations and performances across and beyond such distinctions as the live and the life-like.
Thesis (Ph.D. -- Brown University (2014)
7, 216 p.


Vermy, Hans R., "The Live and the Life-Like: Theatre, Performance, Animation" (2014). Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.