Poetry: A Magazine of Verse Vol. 5, No. 2

Table of Contents

  • The Metal Checks (Driscoll, Louise): 49-54
  • Chant of the Shroud Maker (Ramié, Marian): 55-56
  • If War Is Right (Farley, Parke): 56-56
  • The Hero (McCarthy, John Russell): 57-59
  • The Bombardment (Lowell, Amy): 60-63
  • Among the Red Guns (Sandburg, Carl): 64-64
  • The Camp Follower (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 65-65
  • The Jewish Conscript (Frank, Florence Kiper): 66-66
  • Whence Comes the Stranger (Campbell, Joseph): 67-69
  • Phases (Stevens, Wallace): 70-71
  • Fallen (Corbin, Alice): 72-72
  • The Wakened God (Widdemer, Margaret): 73-74
  • Unser Gott (Baker, Karle Wilson): 75-77
  • War Yawp (Aldington, Richard): 78-81
  • Poetry and the War (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 82-84
  • Book Review: The Sea is Kind, by T. Sturge Moore (Monroe, Harriet): 84-86
  • Book Review: The Sister of the Wind, by Grace Fallow Norton (Lowell, Amy): 87-88
  • Book Review: Songs for the New Age, by James Oppenheim (E. T.): 88-90
  • Book Review: Beyond the Stars and Other Poems, by Charles Hanson Towne (Monroe, Harriet): 90-91
  • Book Review: The Falconer of God, and Other Poems, by William Rose Benét (E. T.): 91-91
  • Book Review: The Shadow of Aetna, by Louis V. Ledoux (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 92-92
  • Chief Joseph on the War: 92-92
  • Announcement of Awards: 93-95
  • New Books of Verse: 95-96
  • Notes: 96-97
  • Books Received: 97-98
  • Advertisements: E-P


"Poetry: A Magazine of Verse Vol. 5, No. 2 " (1914). Modernist Journals Project. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library. https://repository.library.brown.edu/studio/item/bdr:458557/



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