Collier's Magazine Vol. 46, No. 5

Table of Contents

  • Cover Design (Penfield, Edward): 1-1
  • Advertisements: 2-6
  • The Pool in the Desert (page missing) (Remington, Frederick): 8-8
  • Editorial Commentary: 9-10
  • What the World Is Doing: 11-15
  • The History of a Political Revolution: 16-16
  • Personality and the Player: The Matter of Individual Charm and Technical Efficiency (Fancher, Louis): 17-17
  • The Artistic Development of Philip Bites (Hale, Louise Closser): 18-19
  • My Wife's Good Enough for Me (Cooke, Edmund Vance): 19-19
  • The Art of "Getting It Over": The Most Elusive and Essential Element in the Acting of a Play (Pollock, Channing): 20-21
  • "Gustibus" (Child, Richard Washburn): 21-22
  • The Simplest Form of Dramatic Entertainment: 23-23
  • "The Blue Bird" and Other Plays (Ruhl, Arthur): 24-24
  • Advertisements: 25-40


"Collier's Magazine Vol. 46, No. 5 " (1910). Modernist Journals Project. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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