The Smart Set: A Magazine of Cleverness Vol. 30, No. 3

Table of Contents

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  • Third Hand High (Osborne, Duffield):
  • The Charge of the Light-headed Brigade (Walton, Frank R.):
  • Shadows (Black, Maud A.):
  • We Dance at the Prince's (Weekes, R. K.):
  • Approximate Philosophy (Smith, Grace Woodward):
  • Sympathy (Irwin, Beatrice):
  • One of Life's Harlequins (Martin, Mabel Wood):
  • Saved by a Technicality:
  • "Votes for Women" (Kummer, Frederic Arnold):
  • Defection (Wright, Jean):
  • A Chance in Any Case:
  • Happy Are the Blind (Wyndham-Martyn, W. H. G.):
  • The Cry of the Human (Alexander, S. J.):
  • The Magnate and the Curtain (Ostrom, Edward):
  • A Greek Frieze (O'Hara, John Myers):
  • The Winter Resort (Masson, Thomas L.):
  • The Intellectual Miss Clarendon (Stedman, Adelaide):
  • Woman (Coll, Aloysius):
  • The Wind Trail (Merritt, A.):
  • At the Lips of the Sphinx (Thompson, Inez G.):
  • Random Thoughts of a Cosmopolite (Morton, Frank):
  • Her Real Age: A Toast (Morse, M. C.):
  • Satisfactorily Explained:
  • The Heiress Mart (Wisby, Hrolf):
  • In Death's Despite (Annesley, Maude):
  • A Gipsy Song (Clark, Martha Haskell):
  • Happiness: A Poem in Prose (Long, Anna Tressler):
  • The Other Man's Romance (Fyles, Vanderheyden):
  • Had I the Power (Sheldon, Lurana W.):
  • Song of the Aeroplane (Jones, Charles C.):
  • A False Chord (Van Deusen, J. M.):
  • The Supreme Sacrifice (Oakley, Grace Crawley):
  • The Bookmaker's Shoes: A Play in One Act (Mitchell, Earle):
  • The Question (Stringer, Arthur):
  • The Retort Caustic:
  • Her Hour of Retrovision (Cruikshank, Miriam):
  • Her Barrette (Hilliard, John Northern):
  • Au Restaurant: In Original French (Gilbert, Paul):
  • The Dramas of the Fore and Aft (Nathan, George Jean):
  • The Literary Heavyweight Champion (Mencken, H. L.):
  • Advertisements: Adv6-Adv19


"The Smart Set: A Magazine of Cleverness Vol. 30, No. 3 " (1910). Modernist Journals Project. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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