Scribner's Magazine Vol. 51, No. 3

Table of Contents

  • Contents: C-C
  • Front Advertisements: adv2-adv40
  • A Country Doctor's First Glimpse of the Clermont (Arthurs, Stanley M.): Frontispiece-Frontispiece
  • The Automobile in Africa (Norman, Henry): 257-283
  • Pomegranate Seed (Wharton, Edith): 284-291
  • Quality (Galsworthy, John): 292-295
  • Star-Song (Woodberry, G. E.): 295-296
  • Early Steamboat Days (Arthurs, Stanley M.): 297-304
  • The Race for the South Pole: Future of Polar Exploration (Nansen, Fridtjof): 305-310
  • Witching Hill Stories. The House with Red Blinds. II (Hornung, E. W.): 310-323
  • The Convictions of a Grandfather. V-VI (Grant, Robert): 324-336
  • Half Told Tales. The Unruly Sprite (Van Dyke, Henry): 337-341
  • Half Told Tales. A Change of Air (Van Dyke, Henry): 342-345
  • Fifty Years After (Low, Benjamin R. C.): 345-345
  • Samuel F. B. Morse, the Painter (Morse, Edward L.): 346-359
  • Maximilian Armor, and Others: 360-360
  • The Turnstile. XXI-XXIV (Mason, A. E. W.): 361-376
  • The Awakening (Teasdale, Sara): 376-376
  • The Point of View: 377-380
  • The Field of Art. The Armorer and His Art (Dean, Bashford): 381-384
  • Back Advertisements: adv41-F


"Scribner's Magazine Vol. 51, No. 3 " (1912). Modernist Journals Project. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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