The Freewoman: A Weekly Feminist Review Vol. 1, No. 23

Table of Contents

  • Contents: 441-441
  • Chivalry: 441-443
  • Topics of the Week. Hunger Strikes: 443-444
  • Topics of the Week. The Aftermath: 444-445
  • Why Not? (Galsworthy, John): 446-447
  • Men, Mind and Morals. Book Review of 'Problems of Men, Mind and Morals' by E. Belfort Bax and 'The Solemnization of Jacklin' by Florence Farr (West, Rebecca): 447-448
  • The Right to Love (Schvan, August): 448-450
  • Feminism and Shipwrecks (A. B.): 450-450
  • French Feminism (Pelletier, Madeleine): 451-451
  • Syndicalism and Women (Wilshire, Gaylord): 451-452
  • Woman and Mankind: Chapter XIV of Weininger's 'Sex and Character'. I (Weininger, Otto): 452-455
  • The Grudge (Binns, Henry Bryan): 455-455
  • Correspondence. Note to Correspondents (Ed. of "The Freewoman"): 456-456
  • Correspondence. Questions (Nello, Vincent): 456-456
  • Correspondence. Genius and Decadence (Ciolkowski, M.): 456-456
  • Correspondence. Cages for Husbands ('Freisch├╝tz'): 456-456
  • Correspondence. The Age of Chivalry (Skelhorn, S.): 456-456
  • Correspondence. Corporal Punishment (Montague, Amy): 456-456
  • Correspondence. A Detached Impression ('Tiens Ferme'): 456-458
  • Correspondence. Food and Population (Collins, Fred): 458-458
  • Correspondence. Neo-Malthusianism and the Working Classes (Leatham, Isabel): 458-459
  • Correspondence. 'Made by Man' (Hunt, C. F.): 459-459
  • Correspondence. Food and Population (Lewis, Arthur D.): 459-459
  • Advertisements: 446-446


"The Freewoman: A Weekly Feminist Review Vol. 1, No. 23 " (1912). Modernist Journals Project. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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