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Identical by descent tracts in unphased genotypes


I am designing a program to be able to identify Identical by Descent (IBD) tracts in unphased genotypes. In many cases, when genomes are sequenced, it can be difficult to localize which fragments of known sequence belong on which of a set of complimentary chromosomes, and as such, sequence data can be ambiguous. Usually this ambiguity is resolved through phasing, where the each piece of known sequence is localized to one particular complimentary chromosome via statistical estimates and knowledge of relationships between sequences. Once done, it is possible to determine if two portions of DNA sequence in two separate chromosomes share a common ancestral origin. However, the common ancestral origin information (a.k.a. Identical By Descent) would be very useful for the statistics involved in phasing, thus the ability to determine the tracts of Identical by Descent DNA sequence would assist the statistical accuracy of the phasing if it could be done first. That is what my program currently aims to accomplish, as efficiently in both time and memory possible.


Seidman, Daniel, "Identical by descent tracts in unphased genotypes" (2015). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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