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A tagging SNP in INSIG2 is associated with obesity-related phenotypes among Samoans


BACKGROUND: A genome wide association study found significant association of a sequence variant, rs7566605, in the insulin-induced gene 2 (INSIG2) with obesity. However, the association remained inconclusive in follow-up studies. We tested for association of four tagging SNPs (tagSNPs) including this variant with body mass index (BMI) and abdominal circumference (ABDCIR) in the Samoans of the Western Pacific, a population with high levels of obesity. METHODS: We studied 907 adult Samoan participants from a longitudinal study of adiposity and cardiovascular disease risk in two polities, American Samoa and Samoa. Four tagSNPs were identified from the Chinese HapMap database based on pairwise r2 of >or=0.8 and minor allele frequency of >or=0.05. Genotyping was performed using the TaqMan assay. Tests of association with BMI and ABDCIR were performed under the additive model. RESULTS: We did not find association of rs7566605 with either BMI or ABDCIR in any group of the Samoans. However, the most distally located tagSNPs in Intron 3 of the gene, rs9308762, showed significant association with both BMI (p-value 0.024) and ABDCIR (p-value 0.009) in the combined sample and with BMI (p-value 0.038) in the sample from Samoa. CONCLUSION: Although rs7566605 was not significantly associated with obesity in our study population, we can not rule out the involvement of INSIG2 in obesity related traits as we found significant association of another tagSNP in INSIG2 with both BMI and ABDCIR. This study suggests the importance of comprehensive assessment of sequence variants within a gene in association studies.


Deka, Ranjan, Xu, Ling, Pal, Prodipto, et al., "A tagging SNP in INSIG2 is associated with obesity-related phenotypes among Samoans" Open Access Publications at Brown. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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