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Energy-efficient computer clusters for cloud applications


Power consumption is often a constraint in cloud computing environments not only because of increasing energy costs but also due to climate change. This project focuses on energy-efficiency in transactional web applications and uses MediaWiki, a wiki software written in PHP. We seek to save power in our computing cluster through our cache servers running memcached, a tool designed to speed up websites by caching data in RAM therefore, lightening the load on the database. The cluster's power consumption and response time are analyzed with the Xeon L5520 servers and with the low-power ARM (APM XGene-1) servers running memcached. Our results show performance is not affected and, on average, power consumption was reduced by 6.35% in the cluster and by 64.86% in the cache servers.


Gonzalez, Wendy, "Energy-efficient computer clusters for cloud applications" (2016). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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