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Deriving consonant cost from cross-linguistic distributions


A pilot study by Cohen Priva and Gleason (2016) proposed that cross-linguistic informativity and probability are better predictors of within-language patterns of cost than typological measures. Cohen Priva and Gleason (2016) also found a significant advantage for informativity over probability. The current study replicates the analysis with data from an additional 13 languages. For most languages in the current study, we again find that average probability or informativity better predict segment cost than do typological measures. The current study does not, however, find as clear an advantage for informativity over probability. This raises important questions about whether probability distributions derive from informativity and about the applicability of our informativity measures to additional diverse languages.


Gutman, Rachel, and Gleason, Emily, "Deriving consonant cost from cross-linguistic distributions" (2016). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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