Axisymmetric colloidal membranes


Colloidal membranes are highly replicable, microscopic structures with potential applications in drug delivery. Recent experiments reveal that these membranes can assume catenoidal shapes similar to that of a soap film between two rings. We theoretically determine the shapes of more complex membranes by generalizing the soap-film model to include membrane bending stiffness and Gaussian curvature modulus. Our findings indicate the existence of catenoid-like shapes under the boundary condition of vanishing bending torque, and the physical constants introduced from this condition can be varied to form shapes distinct from the basic catenoid solution.


Pei, Steven, Pelcovits, Robert, and Powers, Thomas, "Axisymmetric colloidal membranes" (2017). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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