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Yo soy AmeRican: exploring identity in both the mainland and homeland in Tato Laviera's poetry


Since the 1960s, Puerto Ricans have left their homeland for the United States, specifically New York. As a result, the Puerto Rican diaspora produced a new culture--the Nuyorican movement. Nuyoricans expressed their personal experiences dealing with culture clash, and discrimination from Americans and Puerto Ricans--leading to the struggle of finding their own identity. Years later, New York lost its place as the center of diasporic culture, migrants spreading around the whole United States. The poem --AmeRícan,-- by Tato Laviera, highlights the nationalization of diasporic 7 identity. The poem expresses the speaker's identity--4what it is like and what it means to belong to both the United States and the Puerto Rican diaspora. This presentation explores identity to unveil a new sense of identity and a new generation of Puerto Ricans along the United States--the AmerRícans.


Santana, Jennifer Mojica, "Yo soy AmeRican: exploring identity in both the mainland and homeland in Tato Laviera's poetry" (2017). The Leadership Alliance Digital Library, Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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