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Planetary impact, impact jetting and chondrules in less than 5 minutes


This video is a brief and simple explanation of planetary impacts, impact jetting, and the origin of chondrules. Its purpose is to show the significance of chondrules and their role in understanding the history of our solar system.
This video is for educational use only. This research was funded by the Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. (Brown Class of 1945) UTRA, which supports students whose research combines work in the sciences with efforts to explain that research to a lay audience. A successful project will educate a non-technical audience about the need for the research, its implications, and the conclusions it yields. This UTRA was established by Henry D. Sharpe III '77, Douglas B. Sharpe '78, and Sarah A. Sharpe MAT '86 in honor of their father.


Pisani, Katherine, "Planetary impact, impact jetting and chondrules in less than 5 minutes" (2016). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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