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Data for "Load relaxation of olivine single crystals"


This contains figures and reduced data from the study. Single crystals of ferromagnesian olivine (San Carlos, AZ, peridot, ~Fo88-90) have been deformed in both uniaxial creep and load relaxation under conditions of ambient pressure, T = 1500ºC and inline image=10-10 atm, creep stresses were in the range 40 ≦ 220. The crystals were oriented such that the applied stress was parallel to [011]c, which promotes single slip on the slowest slip system in olivine (101)[001]. The creep rates at steady state match well the results of earlier investigators, as does the stress sensitivity (a power-law exponent of n = 3.6). Dislocation microstrucures, including spatial distribution of low-angle (subgrain) boundaries additionally confirm previous investigations. Inverted primary creep (an accelerating strain rate with an increase in stress) was observed. Load-relaxation, however, produced a singular response--a single hardness curve--regardless of the magnitude of creep stress or total accumulated strain preceding relaxation. The log-stress v. log-strain rate data from load relaxation and creep experiments overlap to within experimental error. The load-relaxation behavior is distinctly different than that described for other crystalline solids, where the flow stress is affected strongly by work hardening such that a family of distinct hardness curves is generated, which are related y a scaling function. The response of olivine for the conditions studies, we argue, indicates flow that is rate-limited by dislocation glide, reflecting specifically a higher intrinsic lattice resistance (Peierls stress)
This work was supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation, Earth Sciences Division Program in Geophysics through Grant EAR1014476 (to RFC)

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Cooper, Reid F., Stone, Donald S., and Plookphol, Thawatchai, "Data for 'Load relaxation of olivine single crystals'" (2016). Brown University Open Data Collection. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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