Interview with Iván Szelényi--January 21, 2017, Part 2

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Interview with Iván Szelényi--January 21, 2017, Part 2
Iván Szelényi (Interviewee)
Holly Case (Interviewer)
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Interview with Iván Szelényi, William Graham Sumner Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Yale University and Foundation Dean of Social Sciences at NYU Abu Dhabi. He has also taught at UCLA, the CUNY Graduate Center, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison. The interview was conducted in Budapest, Hungary, on January 21, 2017. Szelényi is the author of many books and the recipient of as many prizes and distinctions. Among his most prominent publications is The Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power, which he co-authored with György Konrád (and which first appeared in 1979); Making Capitalism without Capitalists (With Gil Eyal and Eleanor Townsley), published by Verso in 1998 and translated into several languages; Privatizing the land: Rural Political Economy in Post-Communist Societies, also from 1998; Theories of the New Class – Intellectuals and Power (with Larry King) from 2004, and Poverty and Social Structure in Transitional Societies: The First Decade of Post-Communism (from 2013). PART 2 - Interview Themes 00:00 Sociology 02:00 Choice of sociology as a career, University of Economics, János Avar, studies as an undergraduate 03:00 Refused to join Communist Youth League initially 04:00 Central Statistical Office 06:00 Choice of sociology as a profession 08:00 Research on leisure time 11:00 Ford Foundation interview 13:00 Research on housing with Konrád 14:00 1956 revolution, followed events without engagement 16:00 Politics without passions 19:00 2016 US elections 21:00 1956, Went on a date instead of participating in revolutionary march 24:00 Fear of the rise of anti-Semitism and the return of the Horthy regime 28:00 1956 revolution a mixed bag ideologically, thinks of emigrating to Vienna 31:00 Russian invasion of Hungary in 1956 34:00 The terrorist mindset, Islamist terrorists, suicide bombers 35:00 Emigration to Vienna 36:00 Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power, István Bibó as a colleague at Statistical Office 37:00 Foreign journals department at the Statistical Office 38:00 Idea for Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power comes from István Bibó 40:00 György Konrad, The City Builder; the privileges of intellectuals in the socialist regime 43:00 The transformation of villages under socialism; “under-urbanization,” one million commuters in 1970s Hungary 46:00 The transformation of gender relations in rural Hungary 48:00 Urban planners and under-investment in villages; Szelényi and Kondrád’s article “dictatorship of the club of planners,” Pál Granasztói 53:00 Evaluations of socialism by intellectuals in Hungary in 1960s, 1970s 54:00 István Bibó, “dictatorship of the intellectuals,” Milovan Djilas, changes after Stalin’s death; science as tool to give legitimacy to state bureaucrats 58:00 Ideology and intellectuals 1:01:00 Intellectuals vs. technicians, technocrats 1:05:00 US academia and technocracy 1:08:00 Thorstein Veblen, US, “dictatorship of engineers,” New York intellectuals, managers 1:13:00 Criticism of intellectuals in the US; capitalist economy bribes intellectuals to prevent subversion 1:15:00 Moralism and the humanities 1:18:00 Katherine Verdery 1:21:00 The reception of Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power in the US; the writing of the book 1:23:00 Withdrawal of research funds from Konrád and Szelényi 1:28:00 Punishment after Intellectuals on the Road to Class Power appeared
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"Interview with Iván Szelényi--January 21, 2017, Part 2" (2017). East-Central Europe Past and Present. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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