The Dilettante: Belles Lettres. Criticism. Vol. 1, No. 5

Table of Contents

  • Lochinvar on a Hand Car: 1-3
  • In Jocund Mood. A Midsummer Rhyme: 4-4
  • In Jocund Mood. History of Five Spokane Lots: 4-5
  • In Jocund Mood. Sunday at Coeur d'Alene Lake: 5-5
  • Sage-Brush Sketches. V (McLean, Nancy): 6-11
  • Our Note-Book. The Press Convention: 11-11
  • Our Note-Book. The Need of a National Air: 11-12
  • Our Note-Book. A Clever Word Juggler: 12-13
  • Our Note-Book. The Red, White and Green: 13-13
  • The Rhythm of Tennyson's Poetry: 14-15
  • Sunset Behind Pines (Sharp, William): 15-15
  • A Study of Dante's Inferno: 16-19
  • Intaglios (Aldrich, T. B.): 19-19
  • The Literary Wayside. The Inner Music of Words: 20-22
  • The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Sienkiewicz's 'With Fire and Sword': 22-24
  • The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Thomas Wentworth Higginson's 'Cheerful Yesterdays': 24-26
  • The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Will Allen Dromgoole's 'The Valley Path': 26-27
  • The Literary Wayside. Two Short Stories: Review of Ellen Olney Kirk's 'A Bevolutionary Love Story' and 'The High Steeple of St. Chrysostonis': 27-27
  • The Literary Wayside. Book Review of Grover Flint's 'Marching with Gomez': 27-28
  • The Literary Wayside. The Midsummer Books: 29-31
  • The Literary Wayside. Magazines and Periodicals: 31-32
  • The Literary Wayside. Books Recieved: 32-32
  • The Dilettante: [Publication Notice]: 32-32
  • Back Advertisement: D-D


"The Dilettante: Belles Lettres. Criticism. Vol. 1, No. 5 " (1898). Modernist Journals Project. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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