Curator as Auteur

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Curator as Auteur
Lubar, Steven (Author)
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Richard Rabinowitz is one of our best exhibition curators, and his two-part ‘‘Slavery in New York’’ at the New-York Historical Society is among the most successful exhibitions of recent years. His essay on how he created that exhibit is valuable as a case study. It is also worth reading as a how-to guide, a master class in curation. Students of museum studies and curators and other museum staff can benefit from Rabinowitz’s thoughtful step-by-step analysis of his work on this exhibit. But the essay is much more than just a case study describing the decisions that helped create a fine exhibition, more than a how-to guide for curators. It is also a manifesto for the interpretive exhibition, and for the curator as auteur
Richard Rabinowitz
museum curation
museum studies
interpretive exhibition


Lubar, Steven, "Curator as Auteur" (2014). Research at Brown. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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