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Holography In De-Sitter And Minkowski Space


This thesis is concerned with understanding features of holography in de-Sitter (dS) and Minkowski space. We give bulk-boundary mapping in dS at large N using integral transform. Operator Product Expansions for theory dual to dS is found to have essential singularity. On the Minkowski holography, we find physical interpretations of the representations of Bondi-Metzner-Sachs group. The bulk to boundary mapping for massive scalar fields is constructed, providing a de Sitter analog of the LSZ reduction formula. The set of boundary correlators thus obtained defines a potentially new class of conformal field theories based on principal series representations of the global conformal group. Conversely, we show bulk field operators in de Sitter may be reconstructed from boundary operators. While consistent at the level of the free field theory, the boundary CFT does not satisfy cluster decomposition. The resulting conformal field theory does not satisfy the basic axioms of Euclidean quantum field theory due to Osterwalder and Schrader, so is likely not well-defined once interactions are included. Global conformal invariance determines the form of two and three-point functions of quasi-primary operators in a conformal field theory, and generates nontrivial relations between terms in the operator product expansion. These ideas are generalized to the principal and complementary series representations, which play an important role in the conjectured dS/CFT correspondence. The conformal partial wave expansions are constructed for these representations which in turn determine the operator product expansion. This leads us to conclude that conformal field theories containing such representations have essential singularities, so cannot be realized as conventional field theories. We revisit unitary irreducible representations of the Bondi-Metzner-Sachs (BMS) group discovered by McCarthy. Representations are labelled by an infinite number of super-momenta in addition to four-momentum. Tensor products of these irreducible representations lead to particle-like states dressed by soft gravitational modes. Conservation of 4-momentum and supermomentum in the scattering of such states leads to a memory effect encoded in the outgoing soft modes. We note there exist irreducible representations corresponding to soft states with strictly vanishing four-momentum, which may nevertheless be produced by scattering of particle-like states. This fact has interesting implications for the S-matrix in gravitational theories.
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Brown University, 2018

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Chatterjee, Atreya, "Holography In De-Sitter And Minkowski Space" (2018). Physics Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.