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Forming the Cyber-Secured Board


The proliferation of cybersecurity issues over the past decade is challenging the norms of corporate governance. This specific study focuses on three critical areas the governing bodies of publicly traded companies will soon need to focus on to prepare for the cyber issues of tomorrow. These are board liability, government regulation, and board organization as they apply to cyber security. Under board liability, readers should gain an understanding of the cyber security liability and threats they face as a member of the board and the limitations of current cyber security insurance. The government regulation section will explore current and proposed cyber security regulations and laws (state, national, and international) which directly impact the board. Finally, the study will conclude with an in-depth look at how board liability and government regulations toward cyber security will cause fundamental changes in board organization.
Capstone (EMCS)--Brown University, 2018

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Ryan, Justin, "Forming the Cyber-Secured Board" (2018). Master of Science in Cybersecurity. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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