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A Stochastic Simulation for Evolution in a Changing Environment


Using our stochastic MATLAB simulation of evolution of drug resistance evolution in malaria, we observe patterns in this evolution given different temporal drug regimens. The MATLAB code is designed to account for changing drug concentration due to human metabolism, and we account for the mutational bias observed in P. falciparum that makes certain mutations more likely than others. This computational research may identify a likely optimal drug regime for minimizing drug resistance within malaria patients. We also apply our simulation to a model of drug resistance in which the pathogen metabolizes the drug, therefore decreasing its concentration. In this case, the environment is dependent on the frequency of certain genotypes. This eco-evolutionary application is essential for understanding within-patient evolution of drug resistance.


Bronson, Ryan, "A Stochastic Simulation for Evolution in a Changing Environment" (2018). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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