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Insights into the Water Content of the Lunar Mantle from Pyroclastic Deposits


Pyroclastic deposits from volcanic eruptions on the Moon offer a window into the water concentration of the lunar mantle. Although we do not know the individual clast sizes and water contents of volcanic rocks in these deposits from remote sensing of the Moon’s surface, we use numerical models to constrain clast cooling, water diffusion, and eruption dynamics for different rock sizes to estimate their pre-eruptive water content. Our estimate of water concentration of the lunar mantle could provide valuable insight for magmatic processes within the Moon, as well as the formation and geodynamic evolution of the Moon.


Alvarez, Guillermo, "Insights into the Water Content of the Lunar Mantle from Pyroclastic Deposits" (2018). Summer Research Symposium, The Leadership Alliance Digital Library. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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