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'As Paixões de Pessoa' por George Monteiro (review)


This is a pre-print of the review published online by University of Wisconsin Press in Luso- Brazilian Review, vol. 56 no. 1, in 2016 (online), pp. E48-E49. The Version of Record can be found at DOI 10.3368%2Flbr.53.1.e48. The book reviewed is: MONTEIRO, George (2013). As Paixões de Pessoa. Tradução de Margarida Vale de Gato. Lisboa: Ática/Babel (col. 'Ensaística Pessoana', coordenação de Jerónimo Pizarro), 338 p. ISBN: 978-972-617-250-5. Review in Portuguese.


Carlos Pittella, "'As Paixões de Pessoa' por George Monteiro (review)" (2016). Open Publications at Brown. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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