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1. A series of speculative scripts that aim to rewrite exploitive conventions of race films in America. 2. A project that speculates about the extent to which this can be achieved. The following project has three main objectives. First, I will write three speculative scripts in the style of three race films: the Blaxploitation film, the Bollywood film, and the Telenovela. In doing so, I aim to (1) uphold the narrative conventions characteristic of each style of writing, (2) trace current narrative conventions associated with removing exploitive perspectives, and (3) attempt to leverage these conventions in new ways to provide new forms of agency to the minority characters. I will then create three short 16 mm films in black and white that repurpose iconic scenes from Alfred Hitchcock: The shower scene from Psycho, the chase scene from North by Northwest, and the staircase scene from Vertigo. In doing so, I will aim to (1) mimic the camera movements typical of Hitchcock’s style and (2) recast characters or reframe relationships so that women and people of color find agency. I will finally write each of the films into the scripts at different points, through different media technologies and artistic conventions, to see if film from a colonial perspective can be repurposed to motivate the plot structure of race film. Perhaps mainstream cinema can offer reparations if it is able to further projects that work against the colonial lens it profits from.
Senior thesis (AB)--Brown University, 2019
Concentration: Modern Culture and Media (Track II) and Philosophy

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Chib, Marisa, "Speculative" (2019). Modern Culture and Media Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.


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