Soak: Who I Am Is What I Make – Analysis on Dialogue between Life and Art


SOAK is an intermedia performance suite that comprises three pieces – Soto, Soak, and Tsuchi. This is a ritualistic performance where I reexamine myself and share my life with others. It is a special place where I express purification and conveyance of energies in the performance environment by interacting with sounds, light, and physical matter, such as salt. Charcoal and salt – the material I use to make music in SOAK – purify me, and the lighting slowly unveils the surroundings and myself. SOAK is a ceremonial act to move forward by interacting with the materials of cleansing to make music. In this performance, I use two custom-made instruments that sense varying light intensities. My body movements – manifestations of my intentions and physical properties – influence light and sounds in the environment. The dialog between my movement, visual, and sonic outcomes happens in real time at the site. This dissertation is a document of me since my art reflects how I live and what I experience in life, a person who creates and strives to live. This is similar to my compositions that serve as diaries, recording my condition at the time of their creation. To convey the idiosyncratic nature of SOAK and my art practice, I adopted the writing style, zuihitsu, in this dissertation.
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Brown University, 2019

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Hatakeyama, Akiko, "Soak: Who I Am Is What I Make – Analysis on Dialogue between Life and Art" (2019). Music Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.