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Electrodynamic particle trapping for exoplanet atmospheric studies


Hazes and cloud decks can limit the detection of vital information concerning the atmospheres of exoplanets. The Exoplanet Electrodynamic Balance (ExoEDB) helps eliminate this challenge by providing a lab-based platform to levitate, trap, and study the behavior of exoplanet cloud analogs under varying atmospheric conditions. The ExoEDB opens a window into investigating the different properties of the trapped particles, including nucleation, crystalline structural changes, surface interactions, and radiative properties. This work aims to characterize the ExoEDB system and proposes the optimal parameters required to stably trap exoplanet cloud analog particles. It then serves as a basis for future work in the field of exoplanet atmospheric studies in the lab as well as through observations and sophisticated modeling.

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Altoaimi, Dana T., Hernández, Kimberly, and Tersegno, David, "Electrodynamic particle trapping for exoplanet atmospheric studies" (2019). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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