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High-resolution mapping of common fragile sites using oligopaint FISH microscopy


Common fragile sites (CFS) in DNA are locations of frequent chromosomal breakage, and are often hot spots for chromosomal rearrangements – a common feature of cancer cells. While their existence and association with cell cycle stress are known, it is unclear how and why breakage occurs. We will identify these breakage sites with the help of oligopaints. Much of the process involves troubleshooting to ensure that the FISH protocol is optimized to produce a strong signal while maintaining the quality of the chromosomal spreads.

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Camille J Leung, Leung, Camille, Sokka, Miiko, et al., "High-resolution mapping of common fragile sites using oligopaint FISH microscopy" (2022). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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