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Digital Systems for a New Nanopore DNA Sequencing Device


Nanopore sensors present new opportunities for sequencing DNA in a portable device. The portability of nanopore sequencers allows a user to analyze DNA samples on-site, allowing more effective work in ecology, epidemiology, and a variety of other fields. The focus of this project lies in developing a new type of nanopore sequencer called an Ion Fountain Nanopore Reader (IFNR) that uses a 2-dimensional MXene layer to improve the device’s sensitivity. The project is in early stages, and my work has largely focused on writing software and digital logic that facilitates electronic signal acquisition from the device. This software includes Verilog hardware description code that builds digital control logic on an FPGA, and Python code for an interface that allows the user to interact with the device through a computer. This project is a collaboration between groups at Brown and Northeastern University and is funded by the NIH.

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Johnson, Benjamin, "Digital Systems for a New Nanopore DNA Sequencing Device" (2022). Summer Research Symposium. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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