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Competencies That Count


High performance skills - problem-solving, information management, communication and negotiation skills - have become increasingly critical to successful secondary, postsecondary and workplace education. Businesses want employees to address complex, real-world problems; high school educators seek to expand beyond traditional curricula and outside school walls. Increasingly, parents are concerned that their children develop cross-cutting skills necessary for success in higher education and high-skill careers. Competencies That Count provides case studies of selected methodologies that schools and employers use to assess high performance skills, and offers a starting point for those who seek to equip students with a broad range of skills. Whether originating in high schools, designed by corporations to identify quality entry-level employees, or created by collaborations between schools, community-based organizations and businesses, the tools and methods of Competencies That Count inspire educators to try a range of strategies for teaching and assessing high-performance skills. Categories of assessment include: on-demand, multiple choice or short answer tests; self-assessments; competency assessment in the workplace; and competency assessment in adult education settings. Published 2000 by The Education Alliance at Brown University. Author(s): Lili Allen

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"Competencies That Count" (2000). The Education Alliance at Brown University. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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