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Doctoral Theses in Early Modern History: Recent Trends and Not-so-new Problems


Based on the list of the theses defended in Portuguese universities in the last eight years, a brief assessment is made of the recent developments in the field of Early Modern History Studies in Portugal, highlighting its recent trends and persistent problems.
Tendo por base a lista das teses defendidas nas universidades portuguesas nos últimos oito anos, faz-se uma breve apreciação sobre os desenvolvimentos recentes no campo de Estudos de História Moderna em Portugal, destacando-se as suas tendências atuais e os seus problemas duradouros.


Monteiro, Nuno Gonçalo, and Sá, Isabel dos Guimarães, "Doctoral Theses in Early Modern History: Recent Trends and Not-so-new Problems" (2019). e-Journal of Portuguese History. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.



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