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“Redefining” the College Experience: Students Who Abstain from Alcohol and Other Drugs


Although the US college is predominantly understood as an environment characterized by heavy substance use, studies have illustrated that about one in every five college students in the US is an alcohol abstainer (Huang et. al. 2009; Loewentheil 2013). Though many such studies compare students who abstain with those who do not, few analyze the actual experiences of this collegiate minority group (Cotner 2002; Palmer et al 2012) outside of focusing on those who abstain due to being in recovery from a substance-use disorder (SUD). In order to gather a holistic depiction of the experiences that can characterize the unique phenomenon of being a college student who abstains from not only alcohol but also all other non-prescribed drugs, I conducted semi-structured, individual interviews with fifteen undergraduates from Brown University, a private liberal arts institution.
Senior thesis (AB)--Brown University, 2019
Concentration: Africana Studies, Education Studies (Honors), and Political Science

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Phillips, Kiana, "“Redefining” the College Experience: Students Who Abstain from Alcohol and Other Drugs" (2020). Education Theses and Dissertations. Brown Digital Repository. Brown University Library.